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     Each child is provided with a positive, safe, healthy, developmentally planned environment every day at K.I.D.S.  At the beginning of every month each classroom teacher prepares a  curriculum that defines learning objectives and activities for each age group. In addition, the Monthly defines any planned special events that are scheduled throughout that month. The on-site special events are scheduled by the Director and they are enrichment in nature.  Examples are: Scholastic Book Fairs, School Pictures, Halloween Parade, Petting Zoo visit, Mad Scientist, to name a few. Field trips are scheduled each month for the older groups This Monthly is sent home to every parent to inform them of the skills that their child will develop during that month.  Each day the classroom teacher composes a daily summary illustrating the skills and the activities that their child experienced that day.  This summary is placed in the child's 
Daily Communication Notebook Log that is sent home each day. Semiannually each parent has an opportunity to review their child's progress with the Teacher/Director.  
     The class groups are developmentally and chronologically ordered so that each child develops a consistent peer group.  The classes are as follows:
   Infants - 6 weeks - 18 Months         Toddlers -18months - 30months

   Pre- school 1      -     2 1/2  years - 3 1/2 years  

   Pre-school  2       -    3 1/12 years - 4 years

   Pre-kindergarten   -    4 years - 5 years  (4 years of age by 10/1) 

   Kindergarten         -    5 years - 6 years (5 years by 10/1)              

   Before & After Care & Summer Camp   -  5 years - 12 years